Service Quality

 CABRAS MARINE has an In House Safety Management System of which the main objectives are:

1. To provide a safe working environment and safe working practice on board tug operations.

2. To establish safeguards against all identified risk.

3. To continuously improve the safety management skills of personnel ashore and aboard tug including preparing for emergencies in relation to safety and environment protection.

To ensure the standard of quality of our fleet units, in conformity with the provisions of mandatory rules, regulations and instructions are maintained, the Company has established the following:

1. Maintenance Programs

2. Tug Inspections

3. Planned Maintenance System for Hull and Engine

Engine and Deck Machineries essential for the navigation, safety, environmental protection and fleet maintenance including relevant safety devices, are routinely inspected and maintained by qualified and experienced Master Mariners and Chief Engineers.

To support our Maintenance Programs, CABRAS MARINE’s Engineering Department maintains a pool of more than 100 skilled and permanent employees to provide the necessary repair and maintenance requirements for our fleet units.

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